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A Short Love Story I

2023-01-24 00:09:23

First installment. Perhaps more to come.

It was over a month since our first encounter. I hadn’t seen Emma since we, well... I took her innocence. I was nineteen at the time, and she thirteen. Six years of separation. What one will realize is that six years can be a very good thing. When I was twenty-five, I was pretty excited about fucking a nineteen year old girl. But that’s another story.
At her age, it is absolutely taboo. I will say now, in my defense that she is far beyond her peers in maturity. She was more mature than many college girls. Perhaps that is because high school makes girls into annoying factories of gossip that burn through your money. Regardless, she was a good girl. And I fucked her. I took her virginity at her house when her mother asked me to change her tire. Being a family friend, I gladly obliged. When she needed to take a trip to the store, I let her borrow my car. One thing led to another, and I fucked her thirteen year old daughter. That was last month. This story happened yesterday.
She showed up at my house to go to the beach with her mother and my family. She seemed so mature to me now. I always saw her as a little girl, but never since her muff enveloped my six inches of hard dick in a warm, infinitely tight embrace. She came in and sat next to me on the couch as I played Playstation. Her mother went on to talk to my parents in the living room. I tried to look involved with the game, but couldn’t help but take a glimpse at her. I wished she was sitting in a different position so I could stare up her skirt. As if she could read my mind, she crawled over me to the other side of the couch. In doing this, she flipped over me with her legs in the air. What I saw was unmistakable: a hairless muff staring right at me. She wasn’t wearing underwear. I wasn’t about to play her game by her rules, so I pretended not to notice it. This bothered her, and she proceeded to straddle my leg. She sat down so her warm lips were on my leg and started to grind back and forth. There was no doubt, even a paraplegic could feel it, that my leg was being used as a stimulus to her clitoris. I looked at her immediately and she stuck her tongue out at me.
“You’re asking for it,” I whispered.
“Am not,” she replied, still moving back and forth on my leg, “I’m demanding it.”
God damn the human race if I wasn’t hard by then. For a moment it genuinely hurt it was so hard. She placed her little hand on my bulge and squeezed my cock through my pants. Damn that just made things exponentially worse. There was a full minute that I honestly contemplated ripping off my clothes and fucking her in the middle of the house right then and there, dealing with the repercussions later. It seemed worth it, but then my brain got control again long enough to inform Emma that she will pay for her actions.
“Hehehe”, she chortled, “I know.”
I pushed her off me and got on top of her, pinning her to the couch. My hand slid up her leg and to her inner thigh. Her eyes met mine as I slowly progressed my fingers to the opening of Heaven. I slid them up and down her slit, encircling her clitoris every other pass. Then, on one pass, I stuck my finger in up to the second knuckle and wiggled it. Apparently she liked it, because she let out a squeal that was a little too loud. I quickly pulled my finger out and checked to see if they heard. The good news was they were talking and didn’t hear. The bad news was it was time to go to the beach, where I could not get my rocks off if even if I had to... and I fucking had to.
“We will have to do this another time” I said.
“Maybe later” she chirped. The idea got my dick twitching.
Next thing I know, her lips are planted on mine, and her tongue is in my mouth.
“I got on mom’s computer when she was at work and saw how to do this.”
I kissed her again, wondering hell I had gotten myself into. Good thing the parents didn’t see. Shit, that would be the end of my life. If they didn’t kill me, I’d kill myself. But there was something special about her. All the risk seemed worth it. There was only one way to find out, and damn if it didn’t make me a happy man. “Come on. Let’s go.” I said as I led her out of the house.
I towed the wheelbarrow full of chairs and snacks to the beach. Our parents rode ahead on bikes, which gave Emma and I some time alone to talk. She told me that it was hot out today, and she would probably only stay at the beach for a little while. I picked up what was implied and agreed. She was a clever girl.
The beach was non-eventful. Emma couldn’t do much to fill out a bikini yet, but I knew she would one day. One day she was going to be the hottest girl all the guys can only imagine themselves with. I was overcome with a sense of jealousy for the guys that would fuck her in her prime. I shrugged off the feeling, as I had no place feeling jealous of something that I had imagined. After spending an hour or so playing in the water, Emma noted that she was done with the beach. I jumped in claiming I felt a sunburn coming on, and wanted to get out of the sun. We took the bikes back, our parents would be down there for another hour or two... at least.
We got back and I got Emma a towel and she sat down to watch TV. I was getting first shower. I went to my room, grabbed a new pair of boxers, and hopped in the shower. I stood in the hot water for a moment, glad to have the salt washed from my body. I shampooed my hair, remembering the time I fucked my ex-girlfriend in this very shower. She would sit on the small seat, and I would kneel in front of her. We didn’t use condoms in the shower, but she never got pregnant. As I stood under the water reminiscing, the curtain flung open. Naked Emma was standing right there under me. “Hey, what’s up?” I casually remarked.
She just smiled and giggled, stepping in the shower. The first thing she noticed was my cock hanging down in submission. “Why isn’t it as big as last time?” she inquired.
“It’s not hard yet, sweetie. It gets hard when you touch it, or you think of naked girls or something.”
“I’m a girl and I’m naked. What’s wrong, don’t I make it hard?” She seemed actually distraught.
“No, no, no don’t worry a bit about you. you are beautiful... watch.” With that, I picked her up do my now semi-hard dick was pinned against her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my back and grabbed her little ass. She held onto my neck with one arm and reached down with the other. Within seconds I was dangerously hard. I lowered her body down so my cock could get inside her. She guided it to the opening. I perched her on my cock, the head already halfway in her. I swear, I could have let go of her entirely and she could have balanced on my cock like that. I realized her thirteen year old pussy was not about to take my six inches without some coercion. I got her to hang onto the bar in the shower as I balanced her legs on my shoulders. It allowed me up close access to her muff with both hands free. I started by sticking my index finger in. I couldn’t get it past the second knuckle. It was obvious this would take some effort. It took me over five minutes, but I could finally fit two fingers in her hole without losing circulation in them.
She looked at me, this thirteen year old girl, and said, “Fuck me.” as plainly as if she had asked me to pass the bread.
I obeyed as ordered. I sat her down on the small seat in the shower and kneeled in front of her, She opened up her legs and I lined up our sexes. I took the head of my cock and ran it up and down her slit. I looked down, and so did she. “What....what happened to the hair?” she managed to get out in between gasps. I had forgotten that I shaved my ball fro a few days prior.
“I shaved it off.” I said. “so I could be like you.”
“I always have because I don’t like how it gets caught in my zipper.” she replied.
“Guys like it when girls are shaved” I said.
“I like it when you are shaved,” she said, “It makes it look so much bigger!”
“That it does.” I remarked, attention now back on my still partly enveloped cock.
I could see in her eyes that she was ready. I applied forward pressure. My cock barely moved, I applied a little more, and a cry came from her lips. She whimpered, but edged me on. I was halfway in now. I pulled out a bit and renewed my assault. The second half was harder to get in. It took a full ten minutes in the shower until her pussy fully took my cock. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was straight fucking her cervix it as so tight. Now that her vagina had adjusted, I could begin some lovemaking. I slowly oscillated back and forth. Her moans were accompanied by her nails digging into my back. Her pussy gripped my cock like a vise. I tried not to cum, but a minute after finally getting inside her, I came hard. I looked at her, deep into her eyes and came. It is safe to say it hurt I came so hard. My head began throbbing, spewing my seed into her love hole. I vigorously pounded her pussy five or six times as I emptied inside her. Wave after wave hit me, and I held her in a strong embrace. Once I gathered myself, I let go. She was crying.
“Oh shit, what’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” I was scared, I thought I had seriously hurt her.
“No,”... she stammered... “Its just now we can’t do it again for another month because you are all out.”
“Out of what?”
“This stuff!” She stuck her finger in her pussy and drew it out. My cum spilled out like a river.
“Don’t worry,” I laughed, “I have more. Besides, I get more every day.”
“Really? You mean we can do this more often than once a month?”
“You bet. Even more than one time a day.”
“Wow.” She seemed amazed by the prospect. Her moment of sadness was forgotten.
We got out of the shower and dried off. My room was adjacent to the bathroom, and we made our way in there.
“We’re keeping this our little secret for now, OK?”
“I Promise.”
“I love you.”
“I love you too, sweetie.”