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Hot Encounters (Parts 15 and 16)

2023-01-21 01:34:12

This is the next submission in an ongoing story. For author's notes and disclaimers and to be fully up to speed, please read the previous first. Readers be aware that this material contains lifestyles and sexual acts that may be a turn on for some may also be offensive others.

I am my own editor so please forgive me for any typos.


Part 15

Fall approached and the weather began cooling. The previous tenant had chopped wood and we had a stack on the front entrance and another out back. The landlord wanted it used to prevent termites so we burned it in a wood stove saving on the utility bill. On Saturdays, we started a ritual of reading one of Roxy's old magazines before throwing it into the burning stove for disposal. We would light the wood stove which in fall weather would heat the house to the point of needing to open the windows; however, instead of opening windows, we would strip naked, read the magazines, and have sex to articles or solicitations that turned one or both of us on. With me, it was fairly obvious with a boner so I usually led the way. Becca really didn't have a focal that turned her on but for me it was women writing about their dirty experiences or desires. Becca knew that and played along often reading or having me read them out loud. If I read out loud, she would suck me as I read until I popped a load. I would then ask if she wanted her ass fucked or something else dirty. Her answer was always no as she had me fuck her pussy good instead. This became very routine but, if routine is getting a blowjob then fucking a beautiful woman, so be it. I knew she was doing all of this mostly for my benefit but always thanked her with a deep kiss and saying “I love you”. I was really in love with her. More than Jen?, probably not but I knew Jen needed a woman more than she needed me and I needed Becca and, hopefully, she needed me just as much.

Roxy had several of those old magazines but after a few weeks, the stash was getting low. I asked Becca “so what after these are gone?”. She replied “we'll get some more”. I asked “of these?”. She said “no Penthouse or something”. The next Saturday was weird. I went to work and on the way back, I bought a Penthouse thinking we should just burn the old stuff and be rid of it. That morning, a surprise snow had come in. It had snowed all day and by the time I got home, several inches were on the ground. There were limbs down everywhere and when I walked in Becca said “powers out”. We didn't want to open the fridge so I filled a cooler with snow to keep the wine and beer I had bought cold. Our Saturday routine also included watching football in between sex. Becca called it “balling and balling”. As the power was out, no football today. The previous renter had installed a gas stove and water heater, so at least we could cook and have hot water.

The house was quiet and it was dark inside except for the lantern she had lit. This seemed to turn on Becca a bit. The wood stove was going full damper and the temperature was 85 degrees inside. She began stripping me naked before stripping herself. She grabbed one of Roxy's old magazines and we thumbed through it. Becca grabbed it and got up saying “SOS” as she tossed it into the stove. She opened the Penthouse and we thumbed through it. In the back was a write in section. She thumbed through it and said “pick a number between 30 and 50”. I replied “37”. She turned to page 37 and said “this is our article for today”. In hindsight, it was a very dirty article written in by a couple, at least supposedly. As Becca began reading it aloud, she began to blush. It involved a female orgy including pissing, all in front of a guy. As she read, I blushed a bit. She asked “have you done that?”. I replied “well, it was done for me like that”. She took a more serious interest saying “this is not for me but it still makes me horny reading it”. I reached for her now very wet crotch and began rubbing it. I kissed my way down her body until my mouth reached her soaked pussy. I began licking and sucking her and within seconds she came squirting in my face. As she peaked, she said “if we were in water, I would piss in your face right now”. I replied “really, we can go back to the tub if you want”. Coming down, her mood softened. She said “I guess not really but you would actually let me?”. I said “sure, anything for you”.

We laid there a bit and she asked “would it be a two way street?”. I said “I hope so but it doesn't have to be. You can do me and see how you like it”. The routine was definitely broke by all of this as she said “I do gotta go”. I said “me too”. Fortunately, we had the bathroom door open so wood heat kept it warm as well. We got in the tub and turned on the water. As it filled, I asked “how do you want me?”. She hesitated and I sat down in the warm water with my head below her crotch and said “let me have some”. She began with a trickle here and a trickle there. I said “finger yourself and let it go”. She began fingering herself and soon a nice flow began running down on me. Her fingering had bent her down over me which aimed her flow mainly hitting my cock and balls as opposed to my chest and face. She finished as the water filled and was covering my now pissed on cock and balls. She had continued fingering herself and had brought herself another orgasm as more juices ran down onto my cock. She pulled me up and against her as she pressed her back against the shower wall saying “fuck me good”. I hadn't come yet so I began pounding away at her. She started talking dirty “did you like me pissing on you, want it in your face next?”. Her dirty talk continued as she started fingering herself again. In doing so, her hand rubbed my cock as it pumped in and out of her. I rubbed and pinched both her tits and said “keep fingering it”. I kept pumping her, soon shooting my load. As I pulled out, I shut off the water and said “keep going”. She continued fingering herself as I grabbed my softening boner and began pissing, aiming my cock first on her boobs then towards her neck and chin and face. She fingered herself to another orgasm soon after my stream stopped. I kissed her deeply saying “that was hot, thank you”.

We both showered and went back into the sofa area both sitting down naked. I wondered what would be next when she surprised me saying “here drink up, I want some more” as she handed me a wine cooler and drank one herself. I began wondering if I had opened her sexual gateway and she would end up like Roxy or something. After all, she had came three times in a matter of minutes with the last two by masturbation. She snuggled beside me and said “this is the best Saturday yet”. I smiled and kissed her saying “glad you're enjoying it”. She then asked “so how was it done with you last”. I told her that Jen and Nina alternated sucking me with the winner getting my load and the loser getting recycled wine. “Recycled wine?” she asked then immediately smiled getting it. She giggled saying “I think I found a sex niche with this, did you like it?”. I replied “yep, it was hot”. We drank a couple and, as nature called, returned to the tub. She turned on the tub spigot and sat in the flowing water. She began fingering herself as I watched. As she got close to an orgasm, she said “piss on me”. I had a boner making pissing hard but soon a flow began. I trickled on her face and neck then aimed at her beautiful tits. She screamed as her got herself off as my piss ran down her hot body. I sat down and had her get up and piss on my cock and balls. As she pissed, she said “stroke him”. I stroked myself as her piss flowed down onto my cock and balls. I was hard and, as her piss stopped, I got up and stuck my cock into her wet pussy. I fucked her for several minutes finally shooting a load into her hot body. We embraced and kissed as my cock slipped from her wet pussy.

We showered again and returned to our sofa. I was a bit concerned I had created a sex monster in Becca. She smiled at me asking “what part did you like best?”. I said “all of it”. She giggled asking “anything you didn't like?”. I replied “nope”. Then sheepishly she asked “did me getting myself off bother you”. I replied “no, as much as I enjoy getting you off, that was hot”. She then went on saying that, growing up, Roxy had told her that masturbation was a cardinal sin. I am thinking “and what she was doing was okay?”. She then asked “will you jack off for me?”. I hesitated thinking again of Edie and how she changed my perspective on masturbation to the negative. I finally answered “well, it seems such a waste with you here”. She replied “how about on my next period, it's due midweek”. I decided to confess and told her of my encounters with Edie. I explained my crush on her all through school and when I finally was intimate with her, it turned out like it did, me mostly jacking off. I told her “initially, it was hot and I didn't mind it, then I found out she was grooming me for some D/s experience”. Becca replied “I always thought that you and Sam had something back then”. Samantha and I grew up together after we moved. She was a family friend and her parents and mine were in a real estate business partnership together. I had purchased a trailer for privacy for when I went back home, as when Kay and I went there, my mother made us sleep separately. A year ago on Memorial Day weekend, I took Becca back to the family resort assuming we would have the trailer. I rented it most of the time through Sam's family business. When we got there, Sam had rented it for the week so again we were at my parents sleeping separately. Becca assumed that Sam did that intentionally.

Becca smiled and asked “so nothing between you and Sam”. I replied “a kiss during a weekend getaway outing in high school”. Becca replied “she was very attractive and seemed to watch us closely”. During high school, Sam always seemed to run in my circle but usually by dating one of my friends. I told Becca “we are friends, nothing more”. I went on “Edie changed me a bit, maybe a lot, I was never big on jacking off and I haven't done it since I was with her”. Becca's periods were light like Jen and Jo's; however, hers lasted a couple of days longer. She wasn't interested in period play so she gave me blowjobs during that time. I said “your hand and mouth certainly do more for my cock than my hand could ever do”. She replied “not for me, I like sucking you off but just once, try it once, for me?”. I smiled saying “okay, I should have a full load by then”. She kissed me and began rubbing my cock. I said “I get a blowjob afterwards”. She replied “deal”. I then said “sit in front of me and finger yourself”. She laid down in front of me and began rubbing herself. I watched for a while. As she continued, she started getting herself hot. I crawled between her legs and began licking and tonguing her pussy and ass. She began rubbing herself faster and, as I tongue fucked her, she got herself off another time bucking against my face and screaming. I mounted her and began pumping her to the hilt finally shooting a load inside her. It was getting late and we crawled into the warm bed and snuggled.

We both fell to sleep for the night, awaking to a cold room as the stove was down to embers. I had closed the dampers but it was still nearly out. I grabbed some wood that I had brought in from outside and tossed it in and climbed back into bed. I went back to sleep and was awakened by the phone. I guess it was still working. Becca answered it. It was the restaurant/lounge place where she had been working part time. Her and Roxy were covering Abby's shifts as she could no longer work. Becca had an idea to have private Sunday football parties, sort of a work around to the existing state liquor laws back then. Well, the place had electricity so the owners wanted her to come in and try her plan as many customers had spent the night there, taking shelter from the snowstorm. She explained all of this to me as she had me drive her into town. The owners let her run the show. She set up a private bar and had several TVs going. She charged an entrance fee plus charged for food and booze. At that time, Sunday bars and lounges were illegal in that town but private parties were not. Becca had a great idea that went over very well so, going forward, it became a Sunday tradition for the remainder of the football season.

Midweek came as did Becca's period. I assumed that it was jack off time when she surprised me saying she was covering some evening shifts at the lounge. She arrived late every night but took care of me with quickie blowjobs. I could tell she was changing. She came in again late and I was in bed. I asked “you have a full time job as a CPA and soon you will be busy with taxes”. She replied while undressing “I know, I just get this business and want to learn more”. I asked “bar business”. She said “no, restaurant and hospitality” as she climbed in bed and began stroking my cock. Soon, she had me fully erect. She continued stroking and sucking me until I shot a load. She licked and sucked me until I was drained. Then, she climbed up next to me and gave me a kiss. I began pondering her new interest and fell to sleep. As this private football party became her baby so to speak, she began working Saturdays getting prepared so there went our “balling and balling” tradition. While she still found time for me, it was definitely getting different. I was missing “our routine” even though she still took care of me sexually.

Fall passed and winter came. Winter was harsh in this area but Becca's Sunday football event grew in popularity, so much that when the season ended, she began planning a college basketball Sunday as well. I asked her “what about tax season”. She kissed me and replied “I can handle it”. Soon, her Sunday basketball party was in full force. So was tax season. I barely saw her. On top of that, I was informed by corporate that I needed to prepare to move on the the next and final job site soon. I was told that in order to keep my supervisor position that I needed to move with the infrastructure team. I was given eight weeks to decide and prepare. Becca was so busy and we spent what little time we had intimately. I loved her deeply and did not want to distract her from her work. Becca, in doing her basketball parties, was not aware that the final games were on Saturday and Monday, not Sunday. Tax season was hitting its peak so we barely saw each other. I finally went by her work late and asked what her plans were for a week from Sunday. She replied “you know I have the basketball finals party, why are you doing this to me?”. I replied “there is no game that Sunday”. She exploded saying “get out and quit fucking with me”. That pissed me off so I walked out. The next day, I was approached by corporate onsite asking me to decide. I wanted to stay as a supervisor anyway and in the heat of the moment I said “give me my marching orders, I'm ready”.

Becca was burning the candle at both ends and I rarely saw her. No intimacy, no hello, nothing. She was in after me and up before me. After her blowup, I didn't speak to her. It was amazing how two people could be so far apart in a one room house. Soon, I had my transfer papers. I was to be onsite May 15, a little over a month away. I went to the lounge where Becca had been working her Sunday events even though she was doing taxes. The owner smiled and brought me a Bud. He asked me “what's Becca planning for Sunday, there's no game then”. I sipped a drink and said “tell her that”. He walked away. I finished my beer and left heading towards home. I stopping at Al's. He came out and offered me a beer as we chatted a while. He announced that he was not going to the final job site. He and Jenna were going back home. The economy was better now and they both missed their families. He asked “did you sign up?”. I replied “yep”. They said “they want us, or those that are going, there on May 15”. I nodded and he said “what's Becca think of that?”. I said “she doesn't know, I barely see her and we aren't speaking”. He replied “sorry”. I said “don't be” and went home.

I watched a bit of TV when I heard a car pull up. I heard the door unlock and in came Becca. I was sipping a beer and I smiled and said “hi, home early?”. She sat down next to me cuddling and said “I'm sorry, you always look out for me, I was so wrong yelling at you and … you were right, no game Sunday”. I knew tax season was in full bloom and asked “taxes all done too?”. She smiled and said “for tonight” as she took a drink of my beer and unzipped my jeans. She said “you've been neglected” and began sucking my cock. It had been a couple of weeks and her stroking and sucking soon brought forth a load into her awaiting mouth. She then said “I have a confession”. Thoughts raced through my mind, someone else, she's been gone a lot … when she looked me in the eyes and said “give me a minute”. She went into the bathroom and came out completely naked with a vibrating massager she had ordered by mail. She turned off the TV and stood in front of me. She began fingering herself then began fucking herself with the massager like a fake dick. She fucked herself to orgasm in just a few seconds working in and out of her pussy while rubbing her clit. As she came down, she replied “I needed that” and drank the remainder of my beer. She then went to the fridge and brought another. She sat down across my lap and kissed me asking “enjoy that?”. I nodded and she said “this work schedule is killing me but it is about over now”. She kissed me while rubbing my cock and said “sorry about neglecting you but, as you just saw, I haven't been neglecting myself”. She called it her “quickie rod”. She bought it mail order and it was advertised as a back massager but obviously it had other purposes. She continued stroking me saying “remember last fall when I masturbated after pissing?” I replied “yep, it was hot”. She said “I think I have a sex addiction like mom so I bought this” as she massaged my cock with it. She continued massaging me with it saying “this took care of it, I can get off in a couple of minutes and it clears my head”. She then leaned down and sucked my cock head as she ran the vibrator around the base and my balls. She continued as I built a load. I began bucking as she brought my second load into her awaiting mouth. She brought me down saying “I do love you” and we went to bed.

The next day, she was up before me but kissed me on the cheek before leaving. After work, I stopped by her tax office. She smiled saying “hi”. I asked her if she could take a break. She nodded and got up asking “did you know Al and Jenna are going back home?”. I said “yes” and taking her hand walked her outside. She asked “so what about you, us?”. I said “your Sunday gig is done and taxes are about done so let's move on”. She asked “when?”. I said “I report May 15 but I will be back here some to wrap this up”. She asked “by when?”. I replied “July first, we turn it over”. She replied “would you have an interest in buying into a restaurant franchise”. I replied “here?”. She said “no, I am about done here too, it's about an hour from my kids and my asshole ex”. I replied “just far enough away but not too far”. She smiled and nodded saying “it's a great opportunity for both of us. I said “well maybe for you”. I walked her back in and went home. Within a couple of weeks, tax season ended and Becca was back on her normal schedule. She continued talking about this restaurant franchise opportunity saying she was driving to the place next week to meet with the current owner. She was gone several days and came back with a plan. She was going to buy in herself using some cash on hand and work off the rest of a loan. We had put her $10k settlement in a CD when rates were crazy high and it was close to maturing. I asked “so you will use the CD?”. She said “no, it matures next year and I am saving it for my kids”.

Part 16

Soon, my time to move came and I left. Fortunately, I was back every other week until the job was complete here. On my first week back, Becca was the Becca of old and she had planned what she called a “dirty weekend” for Saturday and Sunday. She had burned all of Roxy's magazines and disposed of her old sex toys. She had her a new toy and, Friday when I arrived, she showed it to me. It was a vibrating type she was using on her clit. I was starting to wonder if the toys were overstimulating her. If she did have a sex addiction, probably not. Well, we would find out tomorrow. We sat on the sofa and she unzipped my jeans. As she stroked my cock, she asked “did you play with him any?”. I smiled and said “no, I am saving him for you”. She then took her clit stimulator and began rubbing it on my cock. It felt good. She continued saying “if you won't jack him off, I will”. I stripped naked not wanting my load all over my clothes. She continued for several minutes until I started feeling my balls tingle. As she continued, it was tempting to grab my cock head and stroke him off but I resisted. I leaned back and let her do the work. Soon, my cock began spasming and the first rope shot out like a cannon. It shot me in the chin and neck. The second shot me in the chest with the remainder pumping out and running down my shaft and onto my balls and the sofa cover. Becca replied “damn that was hot, jacking off or not” while watching my cock continue to drip cum and my cum shots running down my chest and stomach. She kissed and licked my chest and, smelling the aroma, said “mmm, that's making me wet”. I reached her warm crotch and began rubbing her. She pulled her shorts off and began running her vibrator on her clit. I undid her bra and removed her top. Then I began nibbling her tits while she worked her clit. Her masturbation was hot and my cock began rising. She continued vibrating her clit and I pulled her up sitting her onto my rigid cock. She began riding my cock while vibrating her clit. I could feel the vibrations on my cock, but having just cum, had staying power. She rode me as I sat there squeezing her tits and kissing her back and neck. After a bit, she started bucking on my cock while speeding her clit stimulation. Soon, she had us both in a frenzy and I was pulling her in deep onto my cock as I erupted inside her. At the same time, she was screaming her own orgasm. As we came down, she climbed off me, dripping our cum onto my thigh and the sofa drape and cuddled beside me saying “that was hot, I hope we can beat that tomorrow”. I replied “and Sunday”.

Saturday morning Becca, leaving for work said “see ya around noon”. A customer had an upcoming audit and the firm wanted to get their ducks in a row ahead of it. Noon rolled past, then one, two, until finally the phone rang around five. Becca was calling pissed, saying that the customer had downright lied on his tax return and things were a mess. She finally arrived home around 9:00 with a bottle of Mad Dog partially consumed. She walked in somewhat staggering and saying “they are trying to blame it on me, I didn't fucking lie, he did”. She stumbled into the bathroom and it was looking like this may have been her second bottle. I heard her fumbling around in there as the door was open. I walked towards her. She had managed to pull her jeans down and was trying to sit on the toilet but instead fell off. I pulled her back up and sat her down while she drank another swig. She giggled saying “pull these fucking things off”. So I did. She said “dirty weekend, I'll get dirty all right”. She rolled over into the tub and began pissing. Piss spewed up then back down onto her crotch and thighs. She started laughing as I pulled her top and bra off then turned on the bath water. She said “drink some and piss on me, I've been pissed on all day anyway”. I kind of paused and she said “I mean it, piss on me, piss me all over”.

This made my cock hard seeing her naked like that so I removed my pants and underwear then my shirt. My cock sprang into attention and she reached for it stroking it. I took a drink and sat the bottle on the vanity out of her reach then turned the water off. In doing so, I had to reach over her. She slid down and began sucking my cock. She stopped saying “come on piss on me”. I had had a few beers so I aimed my cock at her tits and let go. She began rubbing it into her tits as I aimed towards her crotch. As I finished, she said “good, now suck my tits and eat me”. I felt a bit used by this but grabbed some dirty towels from the hamper and placed them on the floor. I then pulled her from the tub and laid her down. I climbed on top of her and began kissing her. Then I began kissing and sucking her tits and stroking her clit. She said “eat me now”. I went to her pussy and dived right in. She made primitive sounds as she bucked up and down. I climbed on top of her and began fucking her, matching her bucking rhythm. We continued for several minutes and I felt my balls building a load. I pumped harder until I shot deep inside her. As I rolled off, she giggled as she began fingering herself. Soon, she exploded in a pissing orgasm. She spewed piss and cum out in a mini gusher than ran down her legs and onto the towels. She then literally passed out right there.

I didn't want to move her until she slept a while so I rolled her over onto some dry towels and set the wet ones outside to dry. She was just off the bathroom so I felt it was the best place for her. I covered her and let her sleep. Early the next morning, her boss called wanting to talk to her. I lied to him, saying that she was upset and couldn't sleep so she took a sleeping pill about 3:00 and was zonked out. Becca slept until about nine. She got up, muttered something and jumped into the shower. She came out muttering some more and crashed in bed sleeping until after noon. Finally, she woke throwing a pillow at me on the sofa. I got up and she began giggling and said “it's not what I planned but it was dirty”. I replied “you remember?”. She said “everything, and I'm sorry having you to eat your piss off me”. She then burst into laughter saying “I really pissed myself off”. So I asked her “how you you feel now”. She replied “horny with a bit of a hangover”. She threw the covers off and said “eat me”. I dived into her crotch eating and sucking her from her clit to her ass. I sucked her clit and tongue fucked her pussy and ass until she came in my face screaming. As she came down, she said “fuck me hard”. I mounted her and pumped her until I shot my load deep inside her. I rolled off her and she fell back to sleep.

Becca slept all afternoon then got up. She said she felt like crap so she took a shower and went back to sleep. The next morning, she was up ahead of me talking on the phone. I heard her say “I am a CPA, that motherfucker lied, not me, they will pull other years as well”. I got in the shower and dressed for work. As I was leaving, Becca grabbed me and kissed me saying “sorry about the weekend, I'll make up for it next time”. Going into work, I thought “yeah we will have part of next weekend before I leave”. I got home and Becca was already there. Her work place had resolved the tax evasion issue with the firm agreeing to represent their work only and let the guy deal with the rest. Despite that, the damage was done. Becca and the firm parted ways. She was given a fair severance and work accolades. She was ready to pursue the franchise opportunity. She had good references from her Sunday lounge hosting events as well. We had a nice week together with her acting as Suzy Homemaker to me coming home each evening. The weekend came and she asked “can we hold off on the dirty this weekend?”. I said “sure”. She smiled and said “thanks”.

All of the previous week's stress brought her period early and on the weekend. She wasn't horny or dirty then like Jen and Jo and often didn't feel well. She said “all I want is to suck your cock”. I asked “have you tried your clit stimulator to see if it helps with cramps?”. I figured she hadn't as she nodded no. She went to the bathroom and came out and sat down in from of me wearing only her tampon. She had her vibrator and said “wanna watch”. I said “sure”. She said “get undressed so I can see your cock”. I stripped and she began working her clit with the vibrator. She told me “stroke it a little” as she continued. I began stroking my cock slowly as she worked herself faster and faster. Soon, she screamed as the little toy caused her to orgasm. She rested for a bit then began working it on my cock and balls. She had me going and then began sucking me. Soon, she had me popping a load into her mouth and onto her tits. She climbed up and gave me a big kiss and I licked her tits clean before kissing her again.

I left for the new job site and Becca pursued the franchise opportunity. Thursday night I received a call from her. The deal was closed. She started immediately and made arrangements to move our stuff there. I was able to get out of my alternating weeks and remained at the new site full time. Becca moved Roxy with her. Jo and Abby and her baby were moving soon as Jo got her PhD. She had accepted a new offer for the fall semester out of state. My next long weekend had me driving to our new house in a town, while still a long drive, was slightly closer that the previous. So we had Roxy living with us, and since Becca's kids were an hour away, Roxy was taking care of them on weekends when Becca worked. Becca being away caused the kids to miss her and her ex was letting her have them whenever she wanted or could get them. Our little arrangement worked well except Becca was again burning the candle at both ends. She lost all of the “baby fat” she always complained about. Her body and face were tight and her cuteness was replaced by a businesslike demeanor. She changed her hair and dress and looked the businesswoman. She was definitely driven. I saw her every other weekend and saw a change in her each time. She still took care of me as always but sex was routine and, with Roxy and often kids there, we were confined to the bedroom. Yes, bedrooms were for sex but some of our best was on the sofa or elsewhere.

Anyway, it was all going well for her. As time progressed, her franchise grew to the point she was outpacing me financially; however, there was no stopping her. She started a hospitality program that she taught, as well as, running her stores which had now grown to three with two more on the horizon. Unfortunately, I was getting to where I barely knew her anymore. We had a talk one weekend and both admitted it was a problem but a problem with no solution. She was addicted to pursuing her career and much as she was addicted to sex and masturbation. And yes, she told me she still used her handy helpers to keep her sex drive down. I found out my position was going to end early and, if I wanted to remain with the company, I had to look to other divisions. As I was a young supervisor with low seniority, my advancing or lateral opportunities were few with the most notable being overseas. Back then, they were super lucrative financially. As time progressed, it became my only option.

My next weekend home had Becca teaching a class. She said “come along, you can help run the A/V” so I tagged along mainly to give her my work options. I was no expert at A/V but had done enough to be competent and this was a simple hookup. We drove over to the town where the seminar was to be held and set up. We had talked on the way there but not to the detail to bring up our future at the current crossroads. After setting up, we talked in depth. She was only interested in pursuing her career as it stood then. She said I was welcome to “retire and tag along” as she put it. She then smiled at me and said “if it doesn't work, let's end nicely”. I said “deal”. Her seminar went well. It was held in a large suite instead of a meeting room to make it “more intimate and informal” as she put it. Plus, it was a small group. It was two days for six hours a day. We set the TV up across the opening to the bedroom using the living area for seating. The hotel furnished some extra chairs and a TV on a cart so we set that up as well. After that, we tested the A/V. The group arrived and she was off. Making sure the A/V connections worked, I left for the day. I arrived back shortly before it ended to find Becca expertly pitching the highlights for the second day.

Everyone left and Becca gave me a big hug and kiss thanking me for coming along. I had went to a nearby sports bar and watched a couple of games so all was good with me, but I really wondered why she brought me as the A/V was such a simple setup. She smiled and said “remember the dirty weekend I promised you last summer?”. I nodded. She said “how bout tonight, we got all night”. She then took the lead saying “let's go”. We headed to a seedy adult video store across town. In those days, VHS videos were just coming into popularity as the players, while still expensive, were coming down in price. Her plan last summer was to rent a player and some dirty movies to watch and for us to role play with the movies she rented. Now, she owned a player for her business, and going to the adult store, we had bigger selection. I again saw a real change from the Becca of old. I wasn't sure if she had a true sex addiction but she had an obsession notably with toys. This place had them all and some were quite realistic for the time. She was in awe there and we spent a considerable time looking at toys and novelties before making our way to the videos. The place smelled of a head shop with incense and such but the atmosphere was pure sex.

Being Saturday, it was busy. Becca perused all genres of videos looking at the back cover pictures and deions. Videos were being grabbed right and left. I said “we better grab a couple before the good ones are all gone”. She smiled saying “there are plenty” as she looked at the lesbian offerings. I said “hey, I like these”. She giggled and nudged me grabbing a gay one saying “this too?”. I laughed and shook my head. We finally settled on a story line video where people were invited to have sex in order to break a curse on a resort. I do not remember its title but it mixed all genres and was about two hours long. It was starting to get dark, so we rented it and got out of the area. We picked up some Strawberry Hill, my choice over Mad Dog, and headed back to the hotel. The room entrance went into a small kitchenette with the bath off to the side. Then the suite living area where the chairs had been set up for the seminar followed. The partition containing the bed was by the window. Becca said “let's start out on the sofa”. With quick work, the TV was turned facing the sofa and guest chairs had been stacked out of the way.

As I arranged the TV, Becca pulled the sheet off the bed and draped the sofa. She smiled saying “we want it presentable for tomorrow”. We started the video still dressed. The previews came on and some were downright graphic and got our “juices flowing”. As they ran, we began kissing and our clothes came off. She was wearing a dress and looked very professional. I undid her bra letting her tits drop still inside her dress. I then reached up her dress and pulled her panties down and off. I had removed my shirt and she undid my jeans. I got up, letting them drop to the floor and kicked them off. I laid her back on the sofa and dived into her now wet crotch. I licked and sucked her as she watched the previews. Soon, she began bucking and came in my face. She replied “wow, that was hot” and began unbuttoning her dress. I told her “leave it on for a bit” while pulling her tits out the front. Her dress was a full button down and I had unbuttoned most of them exposing all but her waist

We sat and watched as the movie started. They tried to make it dramatic but the whole plot was silly and was about sex. It began with a couple having sex and being attacked by some rednecks, causing the curse. Fortunately, the attack was after sex so it was sex act one. Movies of that era featuring M-F sex mostly ended with cum shots on the female's face and tits or genitals. This act ended with the guy creaming her face and tits before they were attacked. Becca began squirming seeing that. Instead of role play, however, she paused the tape and jumped on top of me. She rode me hard as she unbuttoned the remaining buttons on her dress and pulled it off. She then rolled on her back with me still inside. I continued pumping her and quickly shot my load inside her. As I pulled out, cum ran down her taint and ass onto the sheet. She hit the play button and we watched the next act. It depicted a young couple in love staying at the place. As they made love, a guy acting possessed, broke into the room and walked up to the girl. She immediately began sucking his dick as her lover fucked her. Soon, she sucked him off coating her face and tits as her boyfriend shot his load on her pussy. This got Becca bothered again. She said “I need to get off”. I replied “how”. She in a very sexy voice said “your mouth”. I dived into her creamy pussy and ate her to a quick orgasm. I then mounted her, fucking her to the hilt. I kissed her deeply as we shared our juices. Soon, I shot again filling her hole with my load.

The movie continued as two women had the next scene. I watched intensely when Becca giggled and said “haven't you seen enough of that already?”. I shrugged and smiled as we snuggled, watching it continue. These two made love to each other, something I had not seen as, my bi lovers had me in the mix. The passion they shared made me think of Jen and Nina. I imagined that they did similar without me there as a part of it. My cock began growing and shined of our juices in the dim light. Becca crawled down and began sucking me to full hardness. She heard the porno girls cum together and mounted my cock. She rode me saying “you like those two, you miss having two pussies, did that turn you on?”. She rode me, seeming controlling my orgasm through most of the next scene. Finally, I shot my load grabbing her ass cheeks and burying myself deep. She kissed me and we rolled over as the scene had evolved into an orgy. We watch that for a bit and, as the guys each shot their load, Becca became aroused again. We kissed and fondled each other and eventually ended up on the floor in a 69. I was on the bottom and, as she sucked my cock, I licked and tongue fucked her pussy and ass. I continued but also began sucking her clit. She came first as I buried my tongue deep into her pussy. As her spasming stopped, she began sucking me with a vengeance. Cum dripped from her pussy onto my face and neck as she sucked me. She continued until she took my final load of the evening.

We threw the sheet back onto the bed and crawled in for the night. The next morning, we woke up naked and spooning. I kissed her and slid my cock into her for a morning fuck. Afterwards, we cleaned up and straightened the room for the day's events. Becca had a rewinder and had me rewind the sex tape. After a bit, it stopped seeming to bind. I worked the reels a bit and decided to put it back in the player to make sure it was working. It started right in the middle of the orgy which we started watching. Becca, being fully dressed and prim and proper, raised her fresh dress up and pulled her fresh panties off. She looked at me and watching the orgy said “fuck me”. I jumped out of my clothes and mounted her from behind as she fingered herself off. She screamed as I shot my load inside her. As I pulled out, my load ran onto the carpet. She giggled saying “I'll clean it up in a minute” and went to the bathroom. I rewound the tape and when she came from the bathroom, I cleaned up and dressed. I kissed her and took the movie back to the store. I stayed away until her seminar was finished. As I got back, people were leaving. We had to be out fairly quickly as the room was reserved for late arrivals and needed a final cleaning. Despite Becca's attempt to clean up, she still smelled of our morning sex as I kissed her. The musk seemed to radiate the room.

We checked out and headed back home. The conversation on the trip back reflected not only our hot dirty weekend but our impending breakup. I was convinced that I could not live and work in her field. She agreed but clearly said that she would make me rich if I stuck with her. We got home and, after a quickie, we crashed for the night. I got up early, packed my stuff, and drove back to the job site. I would not return to our or Becca's place again. After several weeks, Becca called me on my work phone. She asked when my job ended and where I was going. I told her two weeks and that I was going home to make my final decision on going overseas. She asked about the remainder of my stuff at her place. I told her there were some clothes I wanted to take back. Plus, there were some other odds and ends. She wanted to meet me in two weeks to bring my clothes. Her thoughts were to meet at the hotel where she has her seminars. It was along my way home and would be a great rendezvous point. She said, about the rest of my stuff, take it up with Roxy. She was moving into a new place, leaving the old place to Roxy and her younger brothers.

After two weeks, my job was over, ending on a Thursday. I had paid vacation and redeployment pay which would turn into severance if I did not sign my overseas papers by the deadline. I packed and left and headed to the hotel where I would meet Becca. Arriving there late on a Friday, she had already checked in. This time, she was using a small conference room for an eight hour seminar the next day and we had a nice but small room. Again, she had changed from the last time I saw her but still gave me a smile and a kiss. She looked to have aged five years and her hair was even shorter and more businesslike. As she was traveling, she wore shorts and a tight blouse which made her look almost anorexic. I asked her “you okay?”. She smiled saying “of course, never better”. She peaked of confidence and drive. She then said “help me bring the last stuff in”. I followed her to her new car, a late model BMW. I helped her carry the remainder in. She said “thanks, what do you think of the car”. I replied “nice”. She smiled saying “jealous?”. I replied “not really and congrats on it”.

She then said “your stuff is in the trunk” making me wonder if I was to leave now. I said “okay” and gestured her a strong embrace and kiss. She grabbed me tight and pushed me onto the bed. She began stripping me, and undressing herself, tossed me a bottle of sex lube. I looked puzzled and she said “for my kitty”. I said “why”. She said “you probably don't want to eat it, RDJ has been there, where's your big boy been?”. I said nowhere which was true. RDJ was the nickname for her partner and business financier's son. He was RD and the son was RD Junior or RDJ. I asked “so you with him now?”. She with a sheepish smile said “sort of”. He was a workaholic like her and his dad. I didn't know them very well and my time there was on weekends and I mostly stayed away from their stores. I didn't ask any more except to say “why this?” pointing to the bottle. She said “finger my clit while I suck him” as she began licking my cock. We were in sort of an awkward 69 and I lubed my finger and began rubbing her clit as she sucked my cock. It had been several weeks for me and soon I popped my load into her mouth. She licked and cleaned me as my balls drained. She then began giggling “having problems?” as my fingering had brought her little arousal. I said “give me a demo” and sat back. She held me saying “RDJ has a real talent at that”. I'm thinking “oh great, more than I need to know”. She followed with “but nothing like you and your mouth, I shouldn't have resisted your oral skills for so long”.

My cock was hard again so I rolled her over and mounted her wet hole. I began fucking her, making sure my cock stroked her clit on every pump. Having just came, I pumped her for several minutes. As I continued pumping her, she began bucking. I fucked her to orgasm. Her motions built my load and I shot deep inside of her. I kissed and tongued her deeply and we came down. I rolled over and she snuggled against me. I asked “so you in love?”. She hesitated not answering me but saying “I have something else for you, please read it when you get home” as she handed me an envelope. It was sealed and looked fairly thick. She then said “maybe after reading this, you will understand”. I nodded and said “so what's with the lube and fingering?”. She said “RDJ hates oral”. I replied “giving and getting”. She replied “giving”. To me, he was kind of a nerdy guy but so am I by some people's measures. I was somewhat speechless possessing a letter that had all of the answers so to speak so I said nothing. Instead, I rolled her back over onto her back and mounted her again. I continued fucking her again trying to continually stroke her clit on each pump. I really wasn't interested in eating her after RDJ's cock had been there. I was not aware of ever eating sloppy seconds although I wondered some about Kay in hindsight. I guess this wasn't fresh sloppy seconds but still. She warned me about it so I heeded that warning. As I was milked, I continued pumping her. I rolled onto my back and let her fuck my dick. She fucked me for several minutes before reaching for her clit. She began fingering herself which also stimulated my cock. She fingered herself to orgasm ahead of me. She pulled off me and went down on my boner. She sucked me until I shot my load into her mouth. She crawled up beside me and kissed me. She then said “I'm sore, I've had it”.

I fell to sleep early and woke early. I had a long trip back to the family resort and needed leave before sunrise. Becca woke with me and, after kissing me, went down on my cock for a morning blowjob. It was a quickie, something she had mastered. I kissed her and got up. Soon, I was cleaned up and packed. She gave me her keys and I got my stuff from her trunk. I brought her keys back and gave her a goodbye kiss. She began crying and I held her tight. She then handed me the envelope saying “here, love you”. I grabbed the envelope and said “love you too” and walked to my car. I drove the long trip to my family's place.