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2023-01-20 21:55:01

He has controlled me for over 11 years. I do anything fucking he fucking tells me to do or, of course, I

will be beaten. I always kneel before him, hands on my ass and face down. I am never allowed on

furniture or on the bed. I always have to crawl around and without knee pads so my knees are really

rough and chafed. Sometime they bleed, then I am allowed to either walk or scoot on my ass until

my knee heals.

There are four things I hate with passion that he does to me whether it's punishment or for his

pleasure...cold water, cuntbeating, ass fucking, and hoods.

I was told to wear a transparent blouse and short skirt. He took me to K-mart to pick out my own ass

lubricant. In the aisle, he pushed me down to my knees and slapped me hard and pinched my tits. I

cried out silently. This always happen when we go out. On the way home he pinched, squeezed my

tits and beat them as he was driving. He has a thing for my tits even though they are small. He

frequently abuses them, making sure they are always sore. when we got home, I was ordered to take

my skirt off and he saw that I had panties on. He was so angry but I wasn't thinking and I wasn't

ordered to not wear panties. He made me stripped and crawl to the shower stall and he tied my

hands to the handle bar on the wall and wrapped a belt around my neck and tied that to the bar, too.

Then he gagged me and put my dreaded hood over my head. I was so scared, crying, begging

through my gag. He walked into the laundry room right next door and grab a big pail and filled it

with cold water. He poured it over my body and face. I can barely breathe as I was gagged and was

trying to catch my breath as the water was splashed on my face. he did this ten times and i was

scared that I would drown. Called me a stupid fucking cunt and that I should have known better. I

was so cold, shivering and he said my lips were turning blue. He left me there for an half hour. He

finally let me out and took me outside and tied my hands to the guard railing and i had to bend over.

he whipped my cold ass with the wet belt. God, i was in so much pain and I am not a painslut but

this is what my Master wants and I endure because I love him and his attention. He loves to see me


He kicks my cunt when the opposite team of all his favorite sports scores. I just kneel there and take it.

I don't necessarily like the things he does to me but I am his collared and owned slave and I do it

because it pleases me greatly when he is please. He is cruel to me at times. He hides me in the

cage downstairs in his basement with only water and crackers and a litter box when people come

over. He has one lover that he treasures. He knows I am a very jealous person. He love to degrade

and humiliate me. When his lover comes over, i kneel before his bed, licks her cunt and suck his cock

to lubricate it and then am forced to watch as he makes sweet love to her, making her come over and

over again. I wait on my knees, watching in shame and hurt. He cums all over her body and I always

have to suck clean his cock and lick clean her body. Then they would do it all over again. Sometimes

he puts a brown paper bag over my head. I am so hurt, so ashamed, humiliated. He never fucks

me... ever. And he would never share me. I belong to him and to him only, he owns me, he tells me

over and over.

I am a worthless, fat pigslut he tells me repeatedly. My mouth is my primary cunt and he has other

uses for my ass but never touches my dirty smelly pussy.

Almost all the time, when he feels like it, i follow him to the bathroom so when he pees my face is

close to his cock and toilet bowl so that I can smell and feel his urine splashed on me. He has

respected my decision on not pissing in my mouth when I first submitted to him. Then he showers,

and I am to wait behind the closed door and listen for the running water to turn off and then I open

the door and crawl in, towel dry him off but drying his cock and asshole with my mouth and tongue.

I am to stay on my knees, head always facing his cock. He cleans his ears with Q-tips and sticks

them in my mouth, makes me suck them clean. He brushes his teeth, spitting the used toothpaste in

my mouth then he gives me my toothbrush to brush my teeth with it. He always says that we need to

recycle. He then washes his mouth with mouthwash and spits that in my mouth then I rinse my

mouth with it and spits it in the toilet he just pissed in and he pushes my head down in toilet bowl and

he flushes toilet.

He has two dogs and I am scared of them for good reason. As always, when he is sitting down in the

'suck' chair, watching tv, I kneel beside him, head on his lap. Always collared, leashed and ankle and

wrist cuffed. When one or both of his dogs start nipping on my tits or bite on my hand, it means one

things and Master has trained them this way. It means that one or both dogs needs to hump me. I

hesitate a lot and luckily sometimes Master is nice and don't do anything and waits til I am ready in a

few moments. Other times, he slaps me very hard, putting me in place and reminding me what i am,

a fuck and cockslut. Automatically I come around in front of my Master, kneeling and bending down

so he can hook my wrist cuffs to the handles that he installed in both sides of the suck chair then then

he takes straps and wraps them around my legs beneath my knees and tie them to the bottom of the

suck chair. I start to cry in shame and humiliation but Master thrives on that for a reason because

when I do, he feels my moans and whimpers as I suck his cock which keeps it hard and he loves the

feel of it. The dogs are trained to lubricate my asshole and cunt by licking and slobbering all over it. I

raise my ass high in air and put my mouth over Master's cock to signal to his dog that he can start to

hump me. Sometimes both dogs are patient as they take turns fucking me but other times, they fight

and howl and Master commands them to quiet down. As his dog jumps up on my back he wiggles to

find the easist hole to slide his cock in it. I hate it when the dogs fucks me, it hurts and I cry in pain

but as I mentioned, Master loves to feel the vibrations from my moans and whimpers as I suck his

cock. My hands and legs are restrained. i am helpless, can't move, except for my head whichh Master

keeps pushing down on his cock, gagging me. I am fucked fast and furiously and the knots hurts me

so bad that my legs and arms shiver. The dogs usually whimper or let out a little howl as they start to

cum inside me. One dog prefers to fuck me in my ass. Master's cock can stay hard for a long time. He

waits until the dogs are done fucking me then he cums in my mouth or in the bowl he sometimes has

next to him. Master unhooks my restraints and I automically turn around and lay flat on my back so

the dogs can lick and slobber all over me, even scratching my body, tits and cunts especially.

My asshole used to bleed as they were being stretched in the beginning but it's been healed since. If

my chastity belt is on, the dogs know that they can't hump me. I am so ashamed, degraded,

humiliated, sad but I belong to Master and I gave up all will and choice.