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Wife’s boss sexual harassment

2023-01-22 00:19:51

Wife’s boss sexual harassment

For most of my wife’s life and most of our relationship, my wife Karen has had an undiagnosed medical condition that caused her to be promiscuous and to drink alcohol excessively, only adding to her promiscuousness. On days when her medical condition got bad she would say “yes” to any guy who asked for sex, when her condition got worse she would end up at some sleazy bar drinking way too much “self medicating” and then throwing herself at the closest men, and when she drank even more she would pass out and the men would take advantage of her, taking turns raping her limp unconscious body. Other times on the good days when she was fully conscious, the men who knew her as a slut would approach her for sex only for her to refuse them but then wouldn’t listen to her and fuck her anyway. Below is the true story of how I found out that her boss was sexually abusing her. It’s just one of many examples of what my wife has gone through. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed coercing her to tell me about it. This story was developed from the overall descriptions of what she told me and the details I could get from her, with me filling in the “missing” details based on what I know from fucking her.

I met my wife Karen 17 years ago at work when she was 32. I had just started a new job and she was a saleswoman at the company. One day she walked into the room to talk to my coworker. The first thing that impressed me about her was her tits. While they were only “B’s” her thin frame and low cut tight black lacy blouse with just a little bit of black lacy bra peeking out the top made them stand out. She had a nice thin waist, long firm legs nicely exposed by her mid-short skirt, and was a tall dark brunette. What a fuck I though!

She stood there and talked to my coworker for about 20 minutes. The whole time my eyes groped her tits, slid down her thin waist to her shapely thighs, onto her firm legs and back up again, looking away only when she would glance in my direction. After she was done talking to my coworker she glanced at me, smiled and turned and walked out. My eyes slid down her smooth back and thin waist onto her tight ass. For the past 20 minutes my eyes had stripped her and fucked her, my cock was so hard.

With a chuckle my co-worker asked me if I though Karen was hot. I asked if I had been that obvious and he told me yes. He told me not to worry though since Karen had a reputation of being a slut and had already gone out with (fucked) all the available men in the company and that she probably liked me checking her out.

A week later Karen and I had our first date; dinner and a movie. She was working late so I picked her up after she was done. She was dressed in a low cut white blouse and a short skirt. She had her blouse unbuttoned low; showing nice cleavage and her white lacy bra was peeking out just a little. Her short skirt showed off her long smooth legs and tight ass. Dam she looked edible! We pulled up to the restaurant and I opened the car door for her, she got out and immediately put her arm in mine as we walked into the restaurant.

We began looking at the restaurant menus and Karen told me that we didn’t have to go to the movie; we could just go back to her apartment after dinner. A few seconds later she told me that we didn’t have to actually have dinner and we could just go back to her apartment (to fuck was heavily implied). Of course I agreed and drank the rest of my wine (I only had the chance to drink about ½ of the glass to this point) and told the waiter that we decided not to have dinner. We left and went back to her place.

The instant we got inside her apartment she attacked me. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me tight to her, forcing her lips to mine and driving her tongue deep into my mouth. My hands immediately went to her tits, groping and squeezing at first outside her blouse and then slipping inside. Then I groped her ass. She pushed me away, took off my clothes then hers. We move to her bedroom where she pushed me down on the bed and proceeded to suck my cock. She seemed to take great delight in satisfying me, it was although she had to prove to me she knew how to suck cock better than any other girl I ever went out with. After we were done I laid there and thought what an easy slut fuck she was and how incredible the fuck had been. This description of our first fuck is rather brief on purpose since the best is to come.

Starting that night I basically moved in, I lived a few miles away and she was only a block from the company, besides we would just go to her apartment right after work and fuck. That’s pretty much all we did for a few weeks.

The second week I was fucking Karen I came “home” to her apartment to find her laying front down on her bed, still in her work clothes, crying. I lay down next to her and asked her what was wrong. She told me “nothing”. After a little coercion she told me that the owner of the company wasn’t a nice man, and that he did something “inappropriate” to her. Of course I pressed her for exactly what he did and finally she told me he had touched her tits. My cock immediately grew hard; it was a good thing that I was also laying front down on her bed. I asked her to explain but she told me she had already told me too much, that it was personal. I then pointed out that we had agreed to have sex only with each other and that I was upholding my end of the agreement and so I expected her to be up front and honest with me. With that she drooped her head low, looked down at the mattress, seemed to feel guilty and told me everything.

She told me that her boss told her to follow him back to the warehouse to discuss an upcoming job. He took her to a secluded corner of the filthy warehouse where he got behind her and pressed himself against her back. He then took his left arm and wrapped it around her waist, pinning both her arms firmly down at her sides. He then took his free right hand and reached around to her front and placed it firmly on her left tit. He began to grope and squeeze her tit through her blouse, one then the other and back again. She told me she tried to move away but he was too strong and held her firm. She then told him to “stop it” but he just told her she was a “fucking whore” who fucked all the men in the company and that “she loved it”. With that she just stood there and let him enjoy her tits. As he took his time feeling her tits she could feel his cock growing hard as he pressed it firmly against her tight ass in slow gyrating movements. After feeling both tits through the outside of her blouse he expertly undid the next two buttons with his right hand. With her blouse starting out unbuttoned provocatively low to begin with, these two additional buttons opened her shirt so her tits in her bra were completely open to view. He then slid his hand down her chest, into her cleavage, and inside her bra. Her blouse being no use to keep him out. There he felt, fondled, groped, and squeezed her nice full tits and played with her nipples, skin on skin, and enjoyed every moment. Years after this incident Karen told me that a woman becomes sexually aroused during a rape as a “self-defense mechanism”, so I know that her nipples must have become hard with her boss playing with them just like they do when I play with them. This only made Karen more ashamed of herself since she didn’t want her boss to violate her sexually but her hard nipples made him think otherwise.

After taking all the time he wanted to play with her tits he pulled his hand out of her bra and slid it down and around onto her tight ass. There he repeated the process; feeling, groping and squeezing her ass through her skirt. A little while later he began pulling her skirt up; his right hand pulling the material up a fist full at a time, in front and then the back and then the front again. Repeating the process until he had her skirt pulled up far enough, he slipped his hand under and up the back of her skirt onto her soft, warm ass. Karen wore thongs in those days and he felt, groped, and squeezed her right ass cheek skin to skin. Karen felt his cock and squeezes growing even harder.

Finally her boss slid his hand around to her front, sliding his hand over her warm pussy, with just the thin thong material between his fingers and her cunt lips. I asked Karen if she was able to keep her legs clamped closed to deny him access but she told me that he told her to open her legs and that she “had” to. She obeyed and opened her legs just enough for her boss to slide his hand in between the top of her legs, into her warm crotch. There he played; sliding his fingers up and down the full length of her cunt lips, all the while Karen just stood there not being able to stop him. Her boss then slipped his hand inside the front of her thong and continued feeling her moist cunt lips. From this he knew that she shaved her pussy leaving only a small patch of pubic hair at the top. A detail she never had any intent on letting her boss know. Also from what she told me about how a woman’s “self-defense” mechanism protects her during a rape, I now know that as her boss caressed the full length of her cunt lips that she became sexually aroused and wet and that her cunt slowly, over time, opened for him. Her boss took full advantage of this and slipped his fingers deep inside her sloppy wet cunt. There she stood, motionless, helpless, having to keep her legs slightly open for her boss, while he felt her up at will and getting off to it. He knew exactly what she was; a fucking whore that no-one would ever believe even if she told someone since she had already fucked every available man in the company. At the end of her telling me this she added that she noticed some of the warehouse men peeking through the storage racks and watching with smiles.

After she fully disclosed the sexual abuse her boss forced on her earlier that day I asked her if this was the first time he had done this. She told me he had started saying and then doing “inappropriate” things to her about 1 month after she started working there. At the time she had been working for him for a little over 3 years. He started by doing something “inappropriate” to her and then saw how she reacted. She told him she didn’t appreciate it but he just kept it up. After she finally gave up and stopped saying anything about what he currently was doing he proceed to the next step and repeat the process until he finally had her worked up to this point. He was now taking her back to the filthy warehouse and feeling her up 4 to 5 times a day! I could see that this methodical structured approach paced over time had whittled down her self-esteem which made her even more of a target. I then asked her what she was going to do about it. She told me she couldn’t do anything about it since he was the owner, we lived in a very small town, and if she told anyone he would just fire her and then tell his other business owner buddies not to hire her since she was a trouble maker. After that she would have no choice but to come back to her boss and ask for her old job back. That would be much worse than it was now. She also pointed out that at every job she ever had that there was at least one man who would put her “in her place” regardless of what she accomplished. She was use to it and she accepted it. With this information I told her that I never thought I’d ever say it but I agreed that she couldn’t do anything about it and it would be best if she just let her boss do whatever he wanted. She thanked me for being so understanding and told me she appreciated me listening to her. All the while I was listening to her I acted as though I was concerned and pretended that it bothered me that her boss would do such things to her, but inside I was picturing him forcing himself on her, enjoying every word she said and filling in the details in my mind. My cock was so incredibly hard.

After our little chat she fell deep asleep from relief of the days’ severe sexual abuse stress. There I lay, front down on her bed next to her. A raging hard cock and looking at her in her soft blouse and skirt, the same outfit she had on when her boss violated her earlier that day. I especially enjoyed running my eyes slowly down her back, onto her thin waist, onto her tight ass, and then onto her soft, warm, shapely legs. Fuck this was driving me crazy! I gave her 30 minutes to get into a deep sleep and then I placed my hand on the small of her back. I felt the smooth curve of her back rising slowly up to her tight ass. I slid my hand up onto her ass, rubbed and squeezed a little, and then slid it further down onto the back of her soft, warm legs. I rubbed her legs and ass for a bit, picturing her boss holding her still, feeling her tits, ass, and cunt while grinding his hard cock against her ass crack. Finally I slid my hand down and grabbed the bottom of her skirt and began pulling it up. It came up a little but then stopped from the weight of her laying on it. I sat up and with both hands pulled her skirt up. I pulled it up above her ass, up to her thin waist. Her ass was now fully exposed, her raised skirt and thong not providing any cover. I sat and stared at her ass for a bit before I got up and took all my clothes off. I then sat down on the bed next to her legs and picked up and spread one, then the other leg wide open. She was tall and thin but anytime I moved her legs while she slept it always felt like they were made of heavy sandbags. I could now see up her legs, that exposed tight ass, into her crotch, and her thong covered cunt. I lay down between her legs and positioning my face just below her ass. I took my fingers and began rubbing her cunt from behind, through her thong. I moved my face, my nose, close to her cunt and smelled her. I smelled the cunt that her boss had violated with his fingers earlier that day. That thought made my cock grow even harder. I began softly humping the bed between her legs while I sniffed and felt her cunt lips. I could feel the insides of her warm legs close to my cheeks as I sniffed her cunt. I could feel the hot moist aroma from her pussy trapped against my face. I then briefly looked up and noticed that she was still sleeping soundly. I then slipped a finger under her thong and pulled it to the side, exposing that well used whore’s cunt. I pushed my face, nose, and tongue into her crotch from behind, stabbing my wet hungry tongue deep between her cunt lips. With this she moved just a little. I began lapping rapidly at her pussy, feeling the inside of her warm soppy wet spread open cunt lips sliding on my cheeks as I held her thong to the side with one hand while slipping the fingers of my other hand along and inside her violated cunt. The whole time I did this I kept picturing her boss holding her still, taking his time and enjoying feeling every part of her body that he desired. While she “had” to just stand there and let him. Finally my lapping at her cunt became extremely rapid and deep and she awoke, raised her ass, spread her legs more, and began pushing her pussy up and down on my face. I sat up, grabbed her around her thin waist, pulled her ass high into the air, and drove my hard cock deep into her lose, wet, whorish cunt, the whole time picturing her boss enjoying violating her. I came faster and harder than I ever had before.

In the weeks to come Karen, my future wife, would tell me about all the other things that her boss had already done to her and the new things he would do as time progressed. With every few passing weeks her boss pushed a little more and never backed off. She began to trust me more and would confide in me all the sexual abuse he forced upon her, appreciating that I was so caring and understanding. The whole time I loved the description of every detail I could get and whenever she would not, or could not tell me about the bad things he did to her I reminded her that I supported her 100% and I expected her to be completely open and honest with me. With this I was able to get enough details to get a full picture of what he did and I worked at her to keep her working there for him and not doing anything to stop him. She worked for him for another year and a half.

This is only one of many sexual experiences my wife provided me.